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Impressions ≠ Reach

I wrote about Twitter reach and impressions a couple of years ago (here). That was before Twitter revamped their Analytics dashboard. That was before Twitter gave us a good amount of metrics. Twitter analytics evolved considerably in those 2 years, but one thing seems to remain: the confusion between reach and impression. There is a difference between […]

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“Hyperengaged”: the Twitter Engagement Rate that Shouldn’t Be

I saw this Tweet from Gareth Price a while ago and I thought I’d write something about it: Hyperengaged — Gareth Price (@G_Price) February 4, 2015 An engagement rate of 186.7% clearly sounds good…but it also sounds paradoxical: how can you have an engagement rate beyond 100%? I’ve seen this happen quite a few […]

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Twitter APIs vs Twitter Firehose: Why The Difference Matters

If you’re looking to listen to the chatter on social media, specifically Twitter, you need to have a tool that can adequately do so based on your needs. Thankfully there are lots of tools out there that can help you with social listening on Twitter. However, while a lot of these tools (free and premium) […]

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Twitter Analytics 2.0

It was just a little over a year ago that Twitter released the Twitter Analytics Dashboard to advertisers and publishers. Now, Twitter have revamped their analytics dashboard, introducing “an enhanced Tweet activity dashboard to provide measurable insights into how your organic Tweets perform”. Welcome to Twitter Analytics 2.0.

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