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September 2013

Reach, Audience and Impressions – on Twitter and Beyond


I’ve already written about how I feel about engagement rate and how I think it should be measured. Thankfully there are tools out there that already calculate it correctly, such as Simply Measured, while other tools have updated their platforms to adapt to the change, like SocialBakers.

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Engagement vs. Consumption: the Facebook Dilemma


One of the mysteries that have been long unsolved in Social Media Analytics (and on Facebook marketing in general) is the difference between content consumption and content engagement, and the difference between Consumers and Engaged Users. It’s been a matter of debate among big and respected consultants, analysts, and so-called ‘gurus’. Now, I’ve had a […]

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Definition of Facebook Story

This is one keyword I’ll be mentioning very often in my future posts, so I thought I might as well create an article I can easily refer to later in the future. Facebook story (or simply ‘story’). This is mentioned in various places in the Facebook Insights dashboard, and several places in the data exports […]

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