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Social Listening Catch-All Queries

The way you manage your Boolean queries differs from tool to tool. Some tools let you build queries that you can file in folders, like Sprinklr with its topics and topics groups; other tools let you build queries and subqueries, as a way to categorise your search – so for a query looking into Apple […]

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Social Listening for Products with Similar Names

When doing social listening, how do you track mentions of products with similar names? Or better, how do you do social listening for two products when one’s name is just a variant of the other? Products like the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, or the Microsoft Surface and Microsoft Surface Book, or the Lumia […]

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Proximity Operators (and Why You Need Them)

There are so many features to look out for when shopping for social listening tools, but one thing that should definitely be on your list of requirements is this: proximity operators. Here’s what they are and why you need them.

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Using ‘NOT’ and Brandwatch Lists to Filter Data

One question I recently had from a few work colleagues was about the use of the NOT operator in Brandwatch dashboards, and how that differs from using Brandwatch lists. If you’re already a Brandwatch user then you may be familiar with their lists: site lists, author lists, location lists. These help you group sites, authors […]

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Brandwatch Unveils New “links:” Operator

Brandwatch have unveiled a new feature: they’ve introduced a new Boolean operator that lets you retrieve any Tweets containing links to a website, even if the links have been shortened. You can read more about it in their official announcement here. What makes this operator so special is the second part of its definition: “even […]

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Introducing: The Brandwatch Corner

Quick one: not only am I going to start posting more on, but I’m also going to start posting bits and pieces on Brandwatch – tips and tricks, thoughts and deep-dives on features, as well as new (and perhaps unusual) ways of using the platform (am I the only one using Brackets to write […]

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