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January 2014

Jelly = Search + Social?


I call 2014 the “Year of the Ephemeral Networks“. We had a glimpse of this back in 2013 with Snapchat, Whisper, and ultimately Bitcoin too (in concept). On the cusp of 2014 we already have a new player to set the example: Jelly, a new service from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. The concept is pretty […]

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First Twitter “Fun-versation” of 2014: Sainsbury’s x Marty Lawrence


2014 is off to a great start – first Jelly, a few hacks here and there, and now the first Twitter “fun-versation” (is that now a word?) involving brands on social media. So, a bit of context: a customer (copywriter Marty Lawrence) complained about trying to buy a packet of salmon which had no barcode […]

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An Ode to Simply Measured

So, I made it in Simply Measured’s list of Top Tweeters of 2013. After winning the much coveted ‘Boo Thang’ award (that’s hard work and dedication), what can I say in my acceptance speech? 

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Where Does Social Media Sit?

I did a bit of research in various businesses, organisations, brands and startups, and I found two main models for social media teams: 1:All: one centralised social media team catering to the whole organisation and its needs; 1:1: one social media team for each department (e.g. a customer service social media team, a PR social […]

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When An Employee Leaves: A Social Media “Leaving Checklist”

I’ve asked around at work and done some research online too, and I saw that there are set procedures that outline what to do when an employee leaves a company. However, there’s no checklist that tells social media managers what to do when one of their employees/colleagues suddenly leaves. On a good case scenario, the […]

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Facebook Changes for 2014: Who’s Ready?


A lot of changes are happening starting from 1st January. However, amidst all the changes, it seems like quite a few people (and companies) have forgotten about one key change that’s happening sometime soon on Facebook. No, not just the supposed change in reach, but the change in Facebook Insights that may potentially change the […]

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2013 – Top 5 Articles

The first full year for is over. A lot went on in 2013 – I’ve moved the blog across platforms (from WordPress to Medium, to Svbtle, then Ghost, then back to WordPress, because who am I kidding); I’ve redesigned it many a time (and I’ve finally found a design that I’m completely happy with, […]

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