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“Hyperengaged”: the Twitter Engagement Rate that Shouldn’t Be

I saw this Tweet from Gareth Price a while ago and I thought I’d write something about it: Hyperengaged — Gareth Price (@G_Price) February 4, 2015 An engagement rate of 186.7% clearly sounds good…but it also sounds paradoxical: how can you have an engagement rate beyond 100%? I’ve seen this happen quite a few […]

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Google Search and Knowledge Graph Get More Social

This just in: Google’s Knowledge Graph now shows social profiles for brands. In other words, the card you see on the right hand side when you Google a brand (the one that shows your logo, information from Wikipedia and other “rich information”) will now show links to our social profiles.

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Blinkbox, Chrome and Silverlight

Due to a recent update to Google Chrome, it is no longer possible to stream video on sites that rely on the Microsoft Silverlight plugin using Chrome for Mac. If you’re a user of video streaming sites like Netflix then you probably already know about this. Blinkbox have been affected by this change too, and […]

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Best Times and Days to Post on Social Media?

I often hear the following: “Post outside of working hours and during lunchtime, for people who want something to read during their lunch break…” I personally have a problem with generic recommendations on best times and days to post, as well as “scientific guides on best and worst times to post on social media”. Here’s why.

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Campaign Tracking on Social Media

Here’s what I believe – most campaign tracking on social media sucks. Heavily! Whether you’re a Google Analytics power-user, or perhaps you only use it occasionally, you know that campaign tracking can be a lifesaver to manage your owned traffic. You wouldn’t send a monthly newsletter without properly tagging your links, right? You wouldn’t advertise your […]

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Content Is NOT King

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: “Content is king”. This expression was great the first time I heard it. Maybe the second time too. It stopped amazing me the third time onwards. This usually comes with the variation of: Content is king, and context is queen Content is fuel Content is fire (For more […]

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Twitter APIs vs Twitter Firehose: Why The Difference Matters

If you’re looking to listen to the chatter on social media, specifically Twitter, you need to have a tool that can adequately do so based on your needs. Thankfully there are lots of tools out there that can help you with social listening on Twitter. However, while a lot of these tools (free and premium) […]

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Vine – Where Loops Count

The Vine app and platform received an update on July 1st, introducing a minor redesign of the Home Feed and a revamp of the Activity Feed that notifies you when you reach certain milestones. However, the most important announcement was the introduction of a new metric: Loops. This will change the way marketers and advertisers […]

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Simply Measured: a Thorough Review

For those who follow me on Twitter, it’s no news that I simply adore Simply Measured. Not only do I love the company ethos, their ready-to-help attitude, and their general friendliness, but their tool shines through and through, and it definitely stands out as an exemplary social media analytics tool.

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