Everything Digital

April 2013

“Weight for Actions”

As an analyst, I do come across quite a few methodologies that brands and individuals adopt to measure their performance online. Some are great, some are unusual, and some are downright bizarre. I’ll do my best to list as many as possible on and share my thoughts on them. The latest methodology I’ve heard […]

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#Engage2013: SocialBakers

Tuesday 23rd April is a special day for SocialBakers – this all-day event includes top speakers from companies such as Twitter, Nestlé, KLM, Adobe etc, as it promises to be a real learning experience for attendees. This year’s event covers the shift from desktop to mobile marketing, the power of local content marketing and social […]

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Identity & Privacy

Hello, my name is… Ben. Well, that’s not my actual forename, just a shortened version of it, but that’ll do for now. The “issue” of privacy came to me just less than 48 hours ago – I recently decided to brand myself (more on that some other day), and as such I wanted to use an […]

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