This is one keyword I’ll be mentioning very often in my future posts, so I thought I might as well create an article I can easily refer to later in the future.

Facebook story (or simply ‘story’). This is mentioned in various places in the Facebook Insights dashboard, and several places in the data exports (both Page and Post level.

A story is an item that is displayed in your News Feed or News Ticker (until the old layout completely fades out, getting rid of the News Ticker). So, an example of a story is “Ben liked a picture“, “Ben commented on a post“, “Ben was tagged in a picture“.

Bear in mind that not all actions you perform create stories as a result. For example, clicking on a page post, opening a picture, pressing play on a video or clicking on a link does not create a story. However, those actions are still a part of engagement – a Facebook user might not click ‘like’ on a video you’ve posted on your Page, yet if he clicks on play and watches it, he still engaged with your content.

Here are the actions that create stories:

  • liking a post
  • liking a comment
  • commenting on a post
  • commenting on a comment
  • sharing a post
  • answering a question/”poll”
  • responding to an event
  • claiming an offer
  • posting on the page wall
  • mentioning the page in a post
  • tagging the page in a photo
  • checking in at your place/page
  • sharing a check-in deal
  • liking a check-in deal
  • writing a recommendation
  • liking a page
  • using Facebook reactions on posts, including Facebook Live Video.