It’s all about social media. Or as the Danes say it, social media.

So, as some of you might know, i’m enjoying the cold weather at Copenhagen right now. Why? 3 words: Social Media Week! I’m going to post the updates of the days and everything that went down (let me tell you what went down first and foremost: my weight, from all that cycling – but more on that later).

Busy week indeed, but this is a quick list of the events I’ll be attending (i.e. the events I’ll be writing about soon…eventually).


  • 11am-12pm: Social media and recruitment? The valuable lessons learned by Maerks Drilling (#Smwmaersk)
  • 1-2pm: The Big Perspective: Why Maersk Group is all in favor of social media (#Smwmaersk)
  • 2.30-3.30pmNext step for Maersk Line: Unlocking the full potential of social media (#Smwmaersk)


  • 1-2pm: How great organizations organize and work with near realtime engagement in multichannel media? (#smwmulti)
  • 3-3.45pm: A political view on social media (#smwpoliticalview)


  • 9-10am [volunteering]: Powering the possible through Social Media (#SMWpoweringthepossible)
  • 10.30-11.30am [volunteering]: Åbn op til verden og luk verden ind (#smwopenworld)
  • 12-1pm: The Social Hotel (#smwsocialhotels)
  • 4-5.30pmHow to Measure Success on Facebook (#smwkomfo)
  • 6-8pm: Komfo Networking Event (#smwkomfo)


  • 10-10.30am [volunteering]: The art museum on social media – presentations by three different museums (#smwmsm)
  • 11.30am-12.10pm [volunteering]Debate: Is there a best practice for art museums on social media? (#smwsmkbp)
  • 12.10-1.05pm [volunteering]User involvement and co-creation – three cases (#smw)
  • 1-2pm: Measure Social media: Measure or die, what you can measure you can manage. (#smwmeasureordie)
  • 2-4pm: Should You Tell Facebook That You’ve Been Diagnosed With Stress? Discussion about how to manage our digital identity (#smwfbstress)
  • 5.30-6.30pm: Promise of true “listening” on social media: Generating a community that cares (#smwsocialideation)


  • 9-10.30am: International Community Management (#smwIntComm)
  • 4-5pm: The Power of Dislike (#smwpowerofdislike)
  • 6-7.30pm: Need input to your digital strategy? – let CIFS inspire you (#SmwCIFS)

For details on all the events, click here.