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What’s the best tool for Web Analytics?

There’s a long list of web analytics tools available out there: some are free, others come at a price; some are basic and they do the job just right, while others take a 360-degree approach and offer a lot more than just web analytics. When people ask me for advice on which web analytics tool […]

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A Shift In The Market

Simply Measured announced their latest integration earlier this week: We're thrilled to announce our integration with the @SHIFTplatform! — Simply Measured (@simplymeasured) December 8, 2014 Why Is This a Big Deal? Sure, this isn’t the first time that solutions are merging or integrating with each other. To understand why this is such a […]

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Ode to Brandwatch

brandwatch logo

I was at Social Media London Live a few days ago and I saw Ben Hackett, a great guy from a company called Brandwatch. Now, you may have heard of Brandwatch before, especially if you work in social media, digital marketing, or if you’ve been following this blog for some time. I’m a sucker for […]

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Simply Measured: a Thorough Review

For those who follow me on Twitter, it’s no news that I simply adore Simply Measured. Not only do I love the company ethos, their ready-to-help attitude, and their general friendliness, but their tool shines through and through, and it definitely stands out as an exemplary social media analytics tool.

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When Your KPIs Don’t Indicate Your Performance

I casually remembered one of the many lessons that my first manager taught me while I was working as a trainee: “There are thousands of metrics, KPIs and measures but they all fit in one of the 3 ‘N’ categories – necessary, nice to have, and not suitable“ On big reports that would go out […]

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Engagement Rate – out of Fanbase or out of Reach?


Facebook have started rolling out the new Facebook Insight dashboard to Page owners and I have to say – it’s pretty awesome! While taking notes to review it, I noticed that Facebook have introduced a new metric – their own version of Engagement Rate, to replace Virality for Page posts.

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MeasureCamp and Growth Hacking

Today is a special day. Even more so for analysts in London. The second batch of MeasureCamp3 tickets will be out today at noon. If you don’t already know what MeasureCamp3 is, MeasureCamp is a Digital Analytics Unconference. (Yes, I said Unconference.) That means that the event and content is completely provided by the attendees, […]

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“Weight for Actions”

As an analyst, I do come across quite a few methodologies that brands and individuals adopt to measure their performance online. Some are great, some are unusual, and some are downright bizarre. I’ll do my best to list as many as possible on and share my thoughts on them. The latest methodology I’ve heard […]

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