For those who follow me on Twitter, it’s no news that I simply adore Simply Measured. Not only do I love the company ethos, their ready-to-help attitude, and their general friendliness, but their tool shines through and through, and it definitely stands out as an exemplary social media analytics tool.

Simply Measured

There aren’t a lot of tools and applications that have made such a big and positive impact on me the way that Simply Measured has, and, as odd as it may sound, I’ve formed an attachment with the tool as well as the company. But enough with all the praises.

As a token of my appreciation for the existence of this tool, I thought I’d write a complete one-of-a-kind review. This is for anyone who’s considering to get a social media analytics tool, or anyone who’s heard of Simply Measured and just isn’t sure of what it can do for them.

PS. Feel free to skip to the bits you’re interested in: see the index below.