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A Shift In The Market

Simply Measured announced their latest integration earlier this week: We're thrilled to announce our integration with the @SHIFTplatform! — Simply Measured (@simplymeasured) December 8, 2014 Why Is This a Big Deal? Sure, this isn’t the first time that solutions are merging or integrating with each other. To understand why this is such a […]

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Sentiment Analysis: Why It’s Never 100% Accurate

If you’ve ever used a social listening or social monitoring tool to analyse sentiment, then you’re familiar with the inaccuracies that afflict all of these tools – from incorrect tagging to skewed sentiment percentages. Why does that happen?

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Ode to Brandwatch

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I was at Social Media London Live a few days ago and I saw Ben Hackett, a great guy from a company called Brandwatch. Now, you may have heard of Brandwatch before, especially if you work in social media, digital marketing, or if you’ve been following this blog for some time. I’m a sucker for […]

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Best Times and Days to Post on Social Media?

I often hear the following: “Post outside of working hours and during lunchtime, for people who want something to read during their lunch break…” I personally have a problem with generic recommendations on best times and days to post, as well as “scientific guides on best and worst times to post on social media”. Here’s why.

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Content Is NOT King

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: “Content is king”. This expression was great the first time I heard it. Maybe the second time too. It stopped amazing me the third time onwards. This usually comes with the variation of: Content is king, and context is queen Content is fuel Content is fire (For more […]

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Social Media Analytics FAQ

After a long hiatus from meetups, conferences and “digital events”, I finally returned to the London Web Analytics meetup, a great London-based meetup for people interested in all things analytics. The subject for this month’s meetup was social media analytics, pretty topical considering that I work in social media analytics day in and day out. I […]

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Simply Measured: a Thorough Review

For those who follow me on Twitter, it’s no news that I simply adore Simply Measured. Not only do I love the company ethos, their ready-to-help attitude, and their general friendliness, but their tool shines through and through, and it definitely stands out as an exemplary social media analytics tool.

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Jelly = Search + Social?


I call 2014 the “Year of the Ephemeral Networks“. We had a glimpse of this back in 2013 with Snapchat, Whisper, and ultimately Bitcoin too (in concept). On the cusp of 2014 we already have a new player to set the example: Jelly, a new service from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. The concept is pretty […]

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An Ode to Simply Measured

So, I made it in Simply Measured’s list of Top Tweeters of 2013. After winning the much coveted ‘Boo Thang’ award (that’s hard work and dedication), what can I say in my acceptance speech? 

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